Why Downsizing Can Be a Good Thing

April 24th, 2014 3:13 PM by Cheryl Cabanski

Our culture likes to tell us that bigger is better, and that we need more stuff. But this needn’t be the case. Many people move into bigger homes because they have more money from a promotion, or they do it to feel important. But there are plenty of good reasons to move into a smaller home, too:

  1. It’s easier to maintain. A smaller home will require less time and effort to do all the upkeep if your home is smaller.
  2. You spend less time cleaning. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?
  3. Smaller houses tend to be less expensive. This includes buying the home, taxes, and insurance.
  4. Easier to afford. As a rule of thumb, because these houses are smaller they will be overall easier to afford. There is less risk of debt.
  5. It is mentally liberating. The more stuff that we own, the more it starts to own us. This is no different for the house that you put all your things in.
  6. Having a smaller home will have less of an environmental impact. It requires less to build and less to maintain.
  7. You will find that you have more time. From the above advantages (less cleaning, less upkeep) you will wind up getting that time back, and you can put it to a different use.
  8. Smaller spaces will encourage family bonding. You can’t help but to interact with your family members more in a small home.
  9. Downsizing will force you to get rid of the things that you really don’t need. So many of us keep things around the house simply because they have a place there, not that we are really using them at the time.
  10. On a similar note, there will be fewer chances to be tempted to keep that thing around that isn’t being used. This could save you money on purchases that are not totally necessary, if you have nowhere to put them.
  11. While some people love to decorate, others do not. Depending on your taste, downsizing can be great for you because there are physically less spaces to decorate.
  12. It will be easier to sell when you move out of it. Because of it being smaller, it will be cheaper, and more likely to be snatched off the market.

So while bigger houses can be very flashy and exciting, downsizing can be extremely practical and homey for you and your family.

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Posted by Cheryl Cabanski on April 24th, 2014 3:13 PM