How to Select from Multiple Offers on Your Home

July 25th, 2014 2:17 PM by Cheryl Cabanski

Selling a home is rarely as simple as; receiving a great offer, accepting that offer, and moving forward to the closing date. More often, than not, the home seller will receive more than one attractive offer. When this happens; what factors should be considered before selecting and accepting a buyer’s offer?


Is the offer the best financially profitable offer for the seller?


Price is the number one concern when choosing which offer to accept. Every seller wants to make a great deal; and leave the closing table with as much money as possible. But the monetary value of the offer is not the only factor to be considered. All offers must be examined together; because if a buyer’s offer includes a lot of concessions, the seller may end up putting out more money than they had originally intended.


The offer may sound great, but is it coming from a qualified buyer?


Sellers must also converse with their agents to be sure that a desirable offer is coming from a qualified buyer. The seller should ask right away if the buyer has already been approved for funding his/her offer. No seller wants to get their hopes up, or take a For Sale sign down, if the buyer cannot meet his/her financial obligations.


Is it a cash sale? And if so, does the buyer have the total amount of cash on-hand?


Cash sales are often desired by a seller, because it can potentially be a quick, seamless sale. No waiting is required for the buyer to obtain a mortgage loan or some other type of financial funding. However, the seller should be certain that the buyer has the total amount of cash available to him/her before time of closing, before accepting the offer. The buyer may have the cash, but be unable to obtain the total amount in a timely manner. This situation causes frustration and delays.


If the buyer is seeking funding, does the buyer have a significant down payment for the sale?


A buyer who requires a mortgage loan or other type of funding may be required to put down a specific amount of money on the sale. Depending on the type of home loan they are seeking, Conventional, or FHA loans; the financial institution may request a certain amount from the buyer to show intent to purchase, and to demonstrate the buyer’s ability to afford the loan.


The selling or purchasing of a home is not an easy process. There are many crucial factors that need to be considered before all the parties involved will know if there is a mutually good deal on the table. The agent is the seller’s best friend during this time period, and all sellers should ask questions as they arise, to ensure that they are accepting the best offer. 

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Posted by Cheryl Cabanski on July 25th, 2014 2:17 PM