10 Things to Remember when Moving

April 9th, 2014 9:04 AM by Cheryl Cabanski


Trying to move to a new location can be a pretty hectic time, and there are so many things on your mind. It is really easy for things to be forgotten, but this list is things that will save you a lot of hassle if you stay on top of them.

  1. Check with your local government about the rules for parking a moving truck in the street. Many people do not have driveways that are big enough to accommodate their cars and an enormous moving truck. Make sure to go through this process correctly in order to make the transition that much smoother.
  2. Make sure to do a last minute check of hidden belongings. Sometimes we hide things a little too well. Have Christmas presents that you bought ahead of time because of an awesome sale? You don’t want those to go to the next tenants. Check nooks and crannies!
  3. Have you loaned out personal items to neighbors? Now is the time to make sure you get them back.
  4. Everything, and we mean everything, is loaded up in the moving truck and ready to go for the morning. But what are you going to sleep in tonight? Either keep the sleeping bags out for the night, or make sure to book a hotel. Make sure you get enough sleep, particularly if you have a long distance to drive the next morning.
  5. While it is very easy to keep track of all your records online, it might be easier to have paper copies of items such as medical records when in the middle of a big move. Because who knows where that printer went to? Unpacking tends to take some time.
  6. It is important to keep on top of your heating and electric. The usual standard is to have your utilities turned off 2-3 days after leaving your home and have them turned on at the new home 2-3 days before move in.
  7. Make sure you check in with the Postal Service and get your mail forwarded to your new address. It is best to do this ahead of time so that you do not have to go back to the old house and collect mail.
  8. Be wary when using “insurance.” Few movers actually offer true insurance through an insurance agent. The best you can really get is a valuation protection, where they cover a percentage of the worth of your goods. It is best to really take a look at your options and consider getting more than just the minimum coverage.
  9. You may wish to consider the people that are lugging your bed up the stairs- there is no hard and fast rule about tipping them, but they definitely need to be given a second thought.
  10. Lastly, it is important to take care of messes left behind, from trash to holes left in the wall. Your security deposit, or even your sale, could depend on something like this.

These things are just a few of many things to try to juggle while beginning your new adventure at your new home.

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Posted by Cheryl Cabanski on April 9th, 2014 9:04 AM